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Mission Detail

  • Mission Reference Number FTDIO14606

Mission Description

High Level RequirementsPhase 1
– Object Recognition
– Face Recognition
– Maintenance for recognizable objects/faces
Admin user can maintain a table of
  * recognizable objects/faces (in the form of images to be uploaded)
  * the corresponding contents to be shown (which can be texts, photos, hyperlink to voice/video clips)
– Effect after object/face is successfully recognized through the camera:
  The corresponding contents defined will be displayed
Future Phases
– User Management
  * user profile
  * user group / user right
– Stock Management
For example: 
User 1 has 3 coupon A and 5 coupon B
User 2 has 4 coupon B and 6 coupon C and 8 coupon D

– Transaction Processing
For example:
User 1 gets coupon A at 1:00 on Jul 1
User 2 gets coupon B at 2:00 on Jul 2

– Positioning
For example, coupon A will appear at Causeway Bay MTR station exit C at 1:00 on Jul 1. User 1 can go there to grab it.
– Augmented Reality
For example, coupon A will fall from the sky at Causeway Bay MTR station exit C. When User 1 aims the camera at exit C, he can trigger a virtual hand to grab the coupon.
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