No need to be a blockchain expert.

Follow the process in 3 simple steps and gain access to
the first blockchain application dedicated to freelancers.

Step 1

Create your Ethereum account

Step 2

Request your activation key

Step 3

Activate your account

Step 1 - Create your Ethereum account

Download a browser extension
To create an Ethereum wallet or connect your existing one to your browser, you will need to download a specific extension. We advise you use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, and download Metamask :
Create your account
You have a default account. You can create a new one or import an existing account. You can switch from one account to another whenever you want.
Your public Ethereum address
By clicking your account name, you can copy your public Ethereum address. You need it to buy Ethers and to request Talao tokens. Each of your account has its own address, so choose the right one.

Step 2 - Request your activation key

What's my key ?
To initiate your account, you need TALAO tokens, which act as the 'key' for your FreeDapp, and Ethers, to pay the transaction fees. When you will click 'initiate my account', you will be charged TALAO tokens and Ethers.
How do I request it ?
You can copy your public Ethereum address via the extension you download. Click your account name, then click the button 'request my key' below, and copy it to the dedicated field.
How do I know if I received it ?
This operation may take several minutes. To see if you received it, add the Talao token on your extension. Click add a token, custom token, and then enter the following token address :
If you see Talao tokens, so you received your key.

Step 3 - Activate your account

When you open MyFreeData
Our application will identify your Ethereum address via your extension. No login, no password. If you want to reopen it, simply open your extension and choose the right account.
Initiate your account
You will have to initiate your account. Click initiate my account and confirm the metamask transaction. You will be charged with TALAO tokens, the 'keys' to create your account, and with Ethers we send you, to pay transaction fees.
Set your encryption key
Because you may want to encrypt some specific data, you will have to set an encryption key. It is created automatically, but you should keep this secure and not share it with anyone. Once you stored it, you can click "set my encryption key" and validate the transaction.

Are you ready ?

Before opening MyFreeData, please check :
- your extension is open and you are connected with the right account
- you have received your Talao Tokens and Ethers

Open MyFreeData to take back ownsership of your professional data !

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