Where no one controls your professional data but you.

With the Talao protocol based on Blockchain technology,
you can certify, store and share all your professional
data wherever you want via a unique and single application.

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You’ve chosen freedom. Now make the most of it.

Create a professional identity


Your experiences are certified
on blockchain by your client


Display your skills and data wherever you like


Take back ownership of your professional reputation

Your all-in-one workspace on blockchain

MyFreeData is an open-source protocol developed by Talao and available to freelancers as white label.

Because your data is not held by a private company but hosted by
thousands of computers, you can manage it and benefit from taking control.

Define your professional identity

Choose the skills and sectors you want to put forward.

Get blockchain-based certificates

All your data can be certified, becoming tamper-proof and verifiable.

Promote your confidence index

Build your professional reputation with your experiences' ratings.

Encrypt your data

Decide who can access your data, and what they can see.

Share up-to-date data

Display your availability and professional identity wherever your want

The #1 tool for freelancers

All professional data. 100% on Blockchain. 100% owned by freelancers.
Any marketplace. Any job board. Anywhere.