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Talao freelancer workspace

Where no one controls your data but you.
With the Talao protocol based on Blockchain technology,
you can certify, store and share all your professional data
wherever you want via a unique and single application.
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#1 tool for freelancers

All professional data. 100% on Blockchain. 100% owned by freelancer.
Any marketplace. Any job board. Anywhere.

Take control back

Choose what is visible
and by who

Display your data
wherever you like

Update your data
using a unique application

Access the best missions without intermediaries

Highlight your success
with branded certificates

Share tamperproof and
verifiable data

Choose the skills you
want to put forward

Your all-in-one workspace

Store your experiences, request certificates, and display your skills in a single platform

The first blockchain application dedicated to freelancers

Powered by Ethereum blockchain

Ethereum blockchain acts as a decentralized storage system, the database not stored in any single location or held by a private company but hosted by thousands of computers. Data is stored by blocks, linked together in a chain. Only miners can write on blockchain, and they are paid for this via the transaction fees that users pay to use blockchain. Data is approved, stored collectively on the network, and incorruptible. Blockchain is the new web revolution, eliminating the need for intermediaries, and giving us back ownership of our data.

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