Create the 'best you' freelance profile

Talao freelancer workspace

No need to be a blockchain expert.
Follow the process in 3 steps and gain access to
our leading blockchain application.

Step 1

Request your key

Connect your browser
to an Ethereum wallet and
request the key to open an account.

Step 2

Create your account

Connect to our
application and create
your account on blockchain

Step 3

Build your resume

Integrate your experiences,
Post them on blockchain,
Request certificates

Step 1
Request your key

Connect your browser to ethereum blockchain
To create an Ethereum wallet or connect your existing one
to your browser, you will need to download a specific extension.
We advise you use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox,
and download Metamask :
Request your key
Your extension acts as an Ethereum wallet, copy its
Ethereum address and use it to request your key below
Identify how many tokens you have
We will send Ethers on your wallet, to pay for transactions,
and Talao tokens, the 'keys' to create your account.
To identify how many tokens you have, click add a token,
custom token, and then enter the following token address :

You enter now the web 3.0

A few things you should know about the blockchain world before opening our application :
1. Our application identifies you via your Ethereum wallet.
Open your Ethereum extension and choose the right account before connecting.
2. When you store, modify or remove information on blockchain you have to pay a transaction fee in Ether.
A transaction window opens, where you will see the fee amount to fund the Ethereum network transaction.
This can be anything from the equivalent of a few cents to a few dollars.
We send you Ethers to pay for these transactions when your request your key.
You are ready to open the application :

Step 2
Create your account

When you open our application you will see the register page.
To begin click create my account.
Initiate your account
You can then create your workspace on Ethereum blockchain.
Click initiate my account and confirm the metamask transaction.
You will be charged with TALAO tokens, the 'keys' to create your
account, and with some Ethers we send you, to pay transaction
fees. If you see request my account, you have not yet the keys.
Create your profile
When your account has been created, go ahead and create your
profile. A new transaction will appear to store this information
on blockchain. Confirm to finalize your account creation.

Step 3
Create your resume

Add an experience
Open the certified experiences tab, and add an experience.
Complete the required fields, and save the experience. This
experience is not visible to others at this stage, we only store
it for your convenience.
Post an experience
Click post and confirm the transaction to post the experience
on blockchain to make it visible on your resume.
Request a certificate
Click request a certificate. We take care of the mechanics in
sending the request to your client. You can follow this process
on your dashboard.
Your client will be notified of your request. He/she will edit the
work experience information and rate the experience.
Talao will send you the certificate signed on Blockchain. You
can also see it on your dashboard, download it, and add it to
your experience.

Great job, you really are in control of your professional reputation,
and the ownership of your data is truly yours.