Talao's Identity Wallets surpasses 10,000 downloads, reflecting growing adoption of Verifiable Credentials and Decentralized Identity (DIDs)

published on 07 November 2023

We are thrilled to announce that our Decentralized Identity (DID) wallets have now surpassed 10,000 downloads ðŸ¥³. This is a significant milestone, reflecting the growing adoption of Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) and Verifiable Credentials (VCs).

**Self-Sovereign Identity, also known as Decentralized Identity, is a portable identity that does not depend on any centralized authority and can not be taken away. 


👉 This milestone of 10,000 Decentralized Identity wallet downloads includes all DID wallets we have developed since the beginning, including Talao and Altme wallets, as well as the customized DID wallets of our clients.

Our Mission as Decentralized Identity Wallet provider

As pioneers in digital identity innovation since 2017, our mission is to contribute to the development of trustworthy digital interactions and help all businesses and organizations embrace the future of digital identity. 

We have deep expertise and best practices in building Decentralized Identity wallets. Our flagship products, the TALAO and ALTME wallets, are open-source, user-friendly and interoperable digital identity wallets built on open standards (W3C, OpenID, DIF…). They are also GDPR-compliant, EBSI conformant and undergo regular code audits to ensure top-notch security.

  • The TALAO Wallet is a pure decentralized identity wallet designed for ease of use and verifiable credentials management. You can discover and download TALAO here : https://talao.io/talao-wallet
  • The ALTME Wallet is a non-custodial Web3 wallet that lets you manage your digital identity (DIDs + Verifiable Credentials) and digital assets (Coins, NFTs…) on multiple blockchains. You can discover and download ALTME here : https://altme.io 

In addition to our flagship products, TALAO and ALTME, we leverage our expertise to develop custom and secure decentralized identity wallets for our clients, tailored to their specific needs and requirements.

👉 Discover how we craft custom DID wallets for our clients

1st Digital Identity Wallet Provider
1st Digital Identity Wallet Provider

The promise of Decentralized Identity (DID) and Verifiable Credentials (VCs)

Decentralized identity (DID) and Verifiable Credentials (VCs) are poised to transform the way we manage our digital identities and interact with the online world. This technology promises to create a more secure, private, and user-centric digital landscape.

Here are some of the key benefits of DID and VCs ðŸ‘‡

  • Ownership : Users truly own and control their data, which is stored on their own devices, not in a central database.
  • Privacy : Users can decide who can access their data and for how long (access can be revoked at any time).
  • Security : VCs are cryptographically signed, making identity fraud much more difficult.
  • Reusability : Once users are verified, they can reuse their VCs (e.g., proof of age, proof of identity) on demand with a single click.
  • Cost savings : Organizations benefit from reduced verification costs, as VCs are cryptographically signed and instantly verifiable.
  • Instant verification : VCs can be instantly verified, making it easier and faster for users to onboard and access new online services.

Examples of use cases around DIDs and VCs

After working in the Verifiable Credentials (VCs) space for many years, we have seen firsthand the limitless potential of this technology. 

Our clients are already using VCs to revolutionize the way they prove identity and share data, with use cases ranging from age verification and KYC compliance to product authentication and supply chain management. 


Here are a few interesting examples ðŸ‘‡ 

  • Proving identity : first name, last name, birthdate, etc ;
  • Proving age : ensure that only users above a certain age can access a service, such as age-restricted content ;
  • Proving regulation compliance : Know Your Customer (KYC) compliance, Anti-Money Laundering (AML) compliance, MiCA/TFR compliance, and other financial regulations ;
  • Proving education credentials : verifying diploma and certifications ;
  • Proving work and role credentials : verifying that a user is authorized to access specific information or make project management decisions ;
  • Proving humanity (= Proof of personhood) : prevent bots or AI from participating or accessing a service ; 
  • Proving membership to a club to access a specific service or product ;
  • And more !

But VCs are not limited to proving human identity. They can also be used as "Digital Product Passports" (DPPs) to prove the identity of products and devices in the Internet of Things (IoT). For example, VCs can be used to:

  • Verify the authenticity of a product ;
  • Track the provenance of a product ;
  • Prove that a product meets certain standards ;

👉 If you want to discover more examples of verifiable credentials that you can manage in our wallets, please visit : https://altme.io/verifiable-credentials

👉 And if you want to learn more about how we verify users' identities (KYC) before delivering reliable verifiable credentials such as Verifiable IDs and proofs of age, please read this blog article.  

Talao partners with Docaposte 🤝
Talao partners with Docaposte 🤝

Helping organizations fast-track their adoption of Decentralized Identity technology

As a leading provider of decentralized identity (DID) solutions, TALAO is trusted by a growing number of organizations to develop custom DID wallets.

This is because we offer a unique combination of benefits such as :

  • Customization: We understand that every organization has unique needs and requirements for their DID wallet. That's why we offer a fully customized development process, working closely with our clients to create a solution that is perfectly tailored to their specific needs.
  • Interoperability: Our DID wallets are built on open standards, ensuring seamless integration with a wide range of other DID wallets and services. This gives our clients the flexibility and choice they need to build and deploy their DID solutions with confidence.
  • Faster time-to-market and cost minimization: Our flagship DID wallets, Altme and Talao, can be used as a basis to accelerate new DID wallet projects. This can help our clients to reduce development time and costs, and to bring their DID wallets to market faster.
  • Commitment to security and compliance: We are committed to building secure and reliable DID wallets that meet the highest industry standards. Our wallets are regularly audited by independent security experts, and we adhere to industry-leading compliance standards.
  • Dedicated support: We provide dedicated support to all of our clients, helping them to get the most out of their DID wallets and to resolve any issues they may encounter.
  • Constant innovation: We regularly release new features to make our wallets more user-friendly for developers and users around the world. We recently launched the Developer Mode feature, which makes it easier for developers to build and deploy innovative DID solutions.
Some of our clients
Some of our clients

Talao's commitments as a DID wallet provider: Open-Source code and Open Standards

As a decentralized identity wallet provider, we are committed to open-source code, open standards, and security.

Open standards : Talao uses open standards such as W3C, OpenID, and DIF to ensure that its wallets are interoperable and secure. This means that Talao's wallets can be used with a wide range of other DID wallets and services, and that they meet the highest industry standards for security.

Open-source code : Talao's wallets are open-source, which means that anyone can audit the code and contribute to its development. This makes Talao's wallets more transparent and secure, as anyone can identify and report any potential security vulnerabilities.

Security : Talao adheres to industry-leading security standards and regularly audits its wallets by independent security experts.

👉 Read more about our commitments as decentralized identity (DID) wallet provider

A word about out our technology stack around DIDs, Verifiable Credentials, and Blockchains

We support a wide range of DID protocols, methods and Verifiable Credentials format, including : 

  • VC/VP format : JSON-LD, JWT, and JSON-LD ZKP
  • Protocols : OIDC4VCI, OIDC4VP, SIOPv2, and Presentation Exchange
  • DID methods : did:key, did:web, did:ion, did:hedera, did:tz, did:pkh, and did:ebsi

We also support a wide range of blockchain technologies and standards, including : 

  • Blockchains : Tezos, Ethereum, Polygon, BNB Chain, Fantom, Ethereum L2s, EVM compatible blockchains ;
  • Open source web3 standards to connect blockchain wallets to decentralized Applications (dApps) : WalletConnect V2 and Tezos Beacon ;

👉 Read more about out DID / SSI tech stack here

TALAO's technology stack
TALAO's technology stack

The Future of Digital Identity with the European Blockchain Services Infrastructure (EBSI) and the European Digital Identity (EUDI) Wallet

The future of digital identity is bright, especially in Europe with the European Blockchain Service Infrastructure (EBSI) initiative and the upcoming European Digital Identity Wallet (EUDI Wallet).

What is EBSI?

EBSI is a blockchain-based infrastructure supported by the European Commission. It provides a reliable way for European businesses and citizens to prove their identity online while safeguarding their data and privacy. EBSI leverages verifiable credentials (VCs) to enable secure and tamper-proof identity verification.

Our DID wallets are compliant with the latest EBSI requirements. For more information, please see :

TALAO is now EBSI-V3 conformant
TALAO is now EBSI-V3 conformant

The Future of Decentralized Identity Verification in Europe and the EUDI Wallet

Decentralized identity (DID) can enhance security and privacy on the internet by giving users control over their data. This is why the EU Commission is moving forward on this technology and is preparing to adopt the eIDAS 2.0 regulation and the ARF technical framework, which will give all Europeans the ability to use a DID wallet in the coming years.

Talao's vision is fully aligned with the EU Commission. Our goal is to make our decentralized identity wallets ARF and EUDI conformant so we can empower European citizens with greater data control and enhance trust in online identity verification.

👉 If you are interested in developing your own digital identity wallet, please do not hesitate to contact us here : https://talao.io

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