You have chosen freedom.

Now make the most of it.

Talao is the first blockchain-based application dedicated to freelancers.
Take control of your professional data with Talao and work directly with your customers.

Manage your professional data

in a single workspace that totally belongs to you

With FreeDApp, an application built on Ethereum Blockchain
Professional identity
Certified experiences
Skills map
Legal information

Connect your workspace with customers that best fit your profile

A unique profile to apply and stay in touch

No need to update your data on each platform

Access select missions and services

Develop trust and long term relationships with your customers

Get blockchain-based certificates after each mission

Build a reliable professional reputation, your main asset as a freelancer

Expering is specialized in engineering project management in industrial fields.

Aerospace, Pharmaceutical & Nuclear Engineering

Our mission is to enable industrial SMEs to achieve operational excellence through a systemic approach.

Industry, Supply-chain

Technology experts  building and deploying digital solutions for industrial customers. We help them transition toward Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0, Production