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updated on 13 February 2024
Build your own wallet in no time!
Build your own wallet in no time!

Why Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) ?

SSI represents the future of digital identity, providing users with complete control over their personal data, enhancing security, and simplifying identity verification through verifiable credentials. As the digital and regulatory landscape evolves, SSI is crucial for organizations aiming to deliver secure and trusted online experiences.

Our expertise in digital identity wallets 

At TALAO, we are pioneers in SSI and digital identity wallets. Our flagship wallets, TALAO - a pure DID/SSI wallet - and ALTME - a Web 3 SSI wallet -, have set the industry standard for open-source, secure, and interoperable digital identity wallets.

Introducing our new wallet customization service 

We are pleased to introduce our new service, designed to help businesses and organizations embrace DID/SSI and build their own digital wallets faster and more cost-effectively. 

How it works ? Leverage the TALAO or ALTME wallet as a foundation for your SSI project and benefit from:

  1. Faster Time-to-Market 🌐 : Skip the lengthy development process and significantly reducing your time-to-market.

  2. Cost Savings 💰 : Building a custom SSI wallet can be expensive. Benefit from substantial cost savings compared to building a wallet from scratch, while leveraging our extensive industry experience.

  3. White-label and customized user experience 🛠️ : Personalize the wallet's user journey, features and workflows to match your organization's branding and needs.
Talao SSI wallet
Talao SSI wallet
Altme SSI & Web 3 wallet
Altme SSI & Web 3 wallet

Examples of use cases

Our clients are already leveraging SSI wallets for various purposes, including:

  • Verifying users' identity (Reusable KYC)
  • Verifying users' age (majority)
  • Verifying employee authentication
  • Verifying diploma or education credentials (EBSI)
  • Verifying users' financial compliance with AML, MiCA, and TFR.
  • Verifying users' proof of humanity (anti-bot)
  • Carbon footprint credential
  • And more, all with the power of verifiable credentials!

Get to know our technology stack

 DID / SSI tech we support 🪪 

  • VC/VP formats: JSON-LD, JWT, JSON-LD ZKP and SD-JWT ;
  • Protocols: OIDC4VCI (Pre-authorized code flow, User PIN, Authorization code flow, Deferred endpoint), OIDC4VP, SIOPV2 (Last draft), Presentation definition, Presentation submission ; 
  • Supported DID methods: did:key, did:jwk, did:web, did:ion, did:hedera, did:tz, did:pkh, did:ebsi, did:polygonid ; 
  • OIDC4VC profiles: EBSI-V3, GAIA-X ; 
  • PolygonId Iden3 protocol ; 
  • DIF Presentation Exchange v2.0 ;

👉 Read more about out DID / SSI tech stack

Blockchain tech we support ⛓️ 

  • Blockchains : Tezos, Ethereum, Polygon, Hedera, BNB Chain, Fantom, Ethereum L2s, EVM compatible blockchains ;
  • Open source Web3 standard to connect blockchain wallets to dapps : WalletConnect V2 and Tezos Beacon ;

Why choose us ?

With a history of excellence and innovation in digital identity and blockchain technology, TALAO is your trusted partner on the path to DID/SSI adoption. We've been at the forefront of SSI development since 2016, committed to open standards, security, and privacy.

We build future-proof digital wallets using open standards such as W3C, OpenID, DIF, Wallet Connect, and Beacon. Our wallets are open-source, 100% interoperable, GDPR-compliant, EBSI-conformant, and undergo regular code audits to ensure top-notch security.


Join us in reimagining digital identity and embracing the SSI future, with verifiable credentials. Together, we can create secure, user-centric, and cost-effective wallets for your organization.

👉 Ready to start? Get in touch with us today to explore our new service : Talao's contact form

Let's build the future of SSI wallets together. 

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