TALAO launches Developer Mode for its Digital Identity Wallets : A step forward for the DID Community

published on 25 October 2023
New Developer Mode released
New Developer Mode released

We are proud to introduce the Developer Mode for our Altme DID wallet. This new feature empowers developers of Decentralized Identity (DID) applications to create and test innovative applications while ensuring compliance with the latest industry standards, including the ARF (EUDI wallet), European Blockchain Services Infrastructure (EBSI), Gaia-X Association for Data and Cloud (AISBL), and OIDC4VC protocol.

Let's dive in 👇

Unveiling the power of Developer Mode 🚀

Developer Mode within the Altme wallet provides developers with a comprehensive suite of features that are hidden from regular users. This newfound capability empowers developers to:

  • Decrypt QR code data: Seamlessly decrypt QR code data with a simple scan.

  • Access issuer configurations: View or download detailed issuer configurations.

  • Explore verifiable credentials in depth: Gain valuable insights into the inner content / workings of the credentials stored within the wallet.

  • Analyze error messages: Access the codes and descriptions of error messages returned by verifiable credentials issuers, facilitating rapid troubleshooting.

  • Adjust advanced settings: Adjust advanced parameters of the OIDC4VC protocol, including subject syntax type, default key settings, PIN code format, and more.

  • Monitor wallet endpoints: Keep a watchful eye on issuers and verifiers wallet endpoint calls.

The advantages of Developer Mode 💪

The introduction of Developer Mode offers several advantages for DID developers, including:

  • Enhanced understanding of the Altme Wallet: Developer Mode provides a transparent view of the Altme wallet's behavior, allowing developers to grasp its inner workings comprehensively. This in-depth understanding is essential for identifying potential issues and streamlining the development process.

  • Customization capabilities: Tailor the Altme wallet to meet the specific requirements of your application. Developer Mode enables adjustments to critical parameters, such as subject syntax type, default key settings, and PIN code format, ensuring seamless integration with your project.

  • Robust testing environment: Developer Mode introduces a sandbox environment, facilitating rigorous testing of applications. This proactive approach helps identify and rectify any bugs or glitches, ensuring a smooth user experience.

A positive development for the DID Community

The launch of Developer Mode marks a significant milestone for the Decentralized Identity (DID) community. Indeed, by equipping developers with the tools they need to create reliable and secure DID applications, we are making it more accessible to a wider developer audience.

Discover TALAO's tech stack 

👉 If you want to discover more about Talao's technology stack, we invite you to read this blog post : https://talao.io/blog/building-future-proof-digital-identity-wallets-with-talaos-technology-stack


Join the DID Revolution

At TALAO, we extend a warm invitation to all teams in the Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) DID space to leverage our open-source wallets (TALAO and ALTME) and / or contact us for white-label customization or specific development (if needed).

If you're a DID developer, don't hesitate to reach out to explore how the Developer Mode can enhance your DID application development. 

Join us in this exciting journey : https://talao.io

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