TALAO joins TRACE4EU to improve supply chain & product traceability in the EU

updated on 10 April 2024
Talao joins TRACE4EU
Talao joins TRACE4EU

Imagine a world where every purchase tells a story... and could reveal its origin and journey. This isn't just a fantasy; it's the vision of the TRACE4EU, a groundbreaking project funded by the European Union (EU).

Picture this : with a simple scan, you can unravel the odyssey of your seafood, verify the eco-friendly bona fides of your new clothes, and even unlock the secrets behind your favorite products, from the halloumi on your plate to the battery powering your phone. No more uncertainty, just rock-solid trust and informed choices, ensuring your purchases align with ethical and sustainable principles.

This, in essence, is the goal of TRACE4EU, a project that will use the European Blockchain Services Infrastructure (EBSI) to design a robust system for product, data and document traceability across Europe. And we at Talao are thrilled to be a part of it!

Creating reliable supply chain in the EU
Creating reliable supply chain in the EU

1. TRACE4EU : Building trust and transparency in supply chains through EBSI and Verifiable Credentials

Led by Slovenia and involving over 50 organizations, TRACE4EU leverages the power of blockchain technology to create a reliable system for product and document traceabilityThe project will use the European Blockchain Services Infrastructure (EBSI), an initiative of the European Commission and 29 European States to build traceability application scenarios that can lead to trustworthy cross-border services for public administrations, businesses, and citizens. It achieves this through the use of verifiable credentials, which are tamper-proof digital certificates that carry verifiable information.

In the context of TRACE4EU, you can think of verifiable credentials as fraud-proof digital certificates carrying a product's story. For example, imagine you want to know if a certain product was grown using environmentally sustainable practices in Greece and uses eco-friendly packaging from Germany. This is exactly what verifiable credentials could achieve, ensuring transparency and trust at every step of a product's journey. Think of it as a digital passport for your purchases, storing information about their origin, journey, and environmental impact.

TRACE4EU consortium's initial goal is to focus on the traceability of seafood, agri-food, halloumi, and batteries to provide proof of origin. However, the project's ambition extends far beyond these categories. Imagine a Europe where every product's journey is traceable, and every document's authenticity is verifiable – this is the ultimate vision, and at Talao, we're excited to make it happen! The fundamental goal isn't just about traceability; it's about redefining trust in the digital age.

DID Wallets to manage verifiable credentials
DID Wallets to manage verifiable credentials

2. Talao : Empowering users with Digital Identity Wallets to manage Verifiable Credentials

Since 2017, Talao has been at the forefront of digital identity, crafting innovative wallets that put users in control of their verifiable credentials. Whether you prioritize simplicity or advanced functionality, we have the perfect solution to unlock the future of identity.  

2.1 Choose your digital wallet : Talao or Altme

For those seeking a straightforward and dedicated solution for verifiable credentials management, you can download the Talao wallet, a pure Decentralized Identity (DID) wallet : https://talao.io 

For users who want control over both digital assets and digital identity, we have developed the Altme wallet, the 1st non-custodial crypto wallet built on Decentralized Identity. It enables users to take control of both their digital assets and digital identity (DID). Again, this wallet is available for free at : https://altme.io 

2.2 Master your digital identity with Verifiable Credentials

With Talao and Altme wallets, users gain :

  • Ownership of their personal data : Talao and Altme users truly own their data, which is cryptographically secured in and tamper-proof 
  • Privacy-preserving digital identity management : Users can decide who can access their data and for how long.
  • Reusability of Verifiable Credentials for seamless identity management : Users get verified only once and can reuse their Verifiable Credentials to access different services.
  • Instant verification for seamless identity verification : Verifiable Credentials can be verified instantly, making it easier and faster for users to access services.

2.3 DID and Verifiable Credentials unlock a wide range of use cases

Digital credentials unlock a multitude of use cases, ranging from age verification and KYC checks to managing educational credentials and accessing digital services. These are just a few examples:

  • Identity verification (KYC) : Streamline financial services onboarding and other regulated industries.
  • Age verification : Ensure responsible access to age-restricted products and services.
  • Education and professional credentials verification : Showcase your qualifications with tamper-proof evidence.
  • Decentralized finance (DeFi) and anti-money laundering (AML) compliance : Participate in DeFi securely while adhering to regulations.
  • Proof of humanity (liveness) : Combat fraud and bots by easily proving you're a real person.

No more cumbersome paperwork or privacy concerns. With the growing adoption of DID wallets, you will soon be able to prove anything about yourself and access European digital services with ease, all while maintaining complete control over your data.

But the power of digital credentials extends far beyond personal identity. This is the exciting vision of the TRACE4EU project! They aim to leverage verifiable credentials (VCs) to create Digital Product Passports, unlocking product authenticity, origin, and journey information.

Talao's role in TRACE4EU
Talao's role in TRACE4EU

3. Talao's role in building a transparent supply chain future with TRACE4EU

Imagine a future where every product whispers its journey, allowing you to make informed choices that align with your values. With verifiable credentials acting as Digital Product Passports, TRACE4EU is building this reality, fostering transparency and trust within the European supply chain.

As a key player in this initiative, we will leverage decentralized identity technology and verifiable credentials through our digital wallets to improve physical goods and material traceability. This mission boils down to three crucial areas:

  • Developing secure and interoperable solutions for tracking physical products and materials across various sectors, including food, agri-food, and manufactured goods.
  • Empowering users with ownership and control over their data, ensuring data privacy and compliance with eIDAS 2 regulations.
  • Creating a trustworthy ecosystem for businesses and consumers alike, fostering transparency and collaboration within the European supply chain.

The goal is simple : Building the bedrock of an unshakeable trust network within the European product supply chain. 

European Digital Identity Wallet 
European Digital Identity Wallet 

4. Beyond TRACE4EU : How eIDAS 2.0 paves the way for the EU Digital Identity Wallet (EUDI)

Europe's digital identity landscape is undergoing a monumental shift with the arrival of eIDAS 2.0 regulations. This powerful framework lays the groundwork for the EU Digital Identity Wallet (EUDI Wallet), empowering citizens with a secure, trusted, and convenient tool to manage their personal information and digital credentials. Imagine effortless access to public and private services across the EU, all while retaining complete control over your data.

By aligning our digital identity wallets with the European Blockchain Services Infrastructure (EBSI) and the TRACE4EU consortium, we're not just contributing to a European Union project – we're actively shaping the very foundation of the EUDI Wallet itself. This paves the way for a more connected, transparent, and trustworthy digital ecosystem, offering several key benefits:

  • Empowered Individuals : Every European will gain sovereign control over their digital identities and data, ensuring enhanced privacy and autonomy.
  • Trusted Relationships : Organizations will be able to build stronger trust and transparency with instantly verifiable data, fostering deeper connections with customers and partners.

This shift will ultimately lead to a more secure and efficient digital future for all Europeans. And at the core of this transformation lies Self-Sovereign Identity, a groundbreaking technology that prioritizes user control, privacy, verifiability, and interoperability, making it the ideal foundation for the eIDAS 2.0 regulations and the EUDI Wallet

👉 Interested in building your own Digital Wallet ? 

Our commitment as the 1st European Digital Identity Wallet provider

At Talao, we are unwavering in our commitment to open standards, robust security, and unwavering privacy. We build our wallets using industry-leading protocols like W3C, OpenID, and DIF, ensuring transparency and interoperability.

Our goal is to build trust through transparency and security. This is why our wallets are :

  • Open-source : This allows for independent scrutiny and fosters community collaboration for continuous improvement.
  • GDPR-compliant : We prioritize data protection and respect user privacy according to the highest European standards.
  • EBSI-conformant : We seamlessly integrate with the European Blockchain Services Infrastructure for secure and interoperable solutions.
  • Regularly audited : Our code undergoes rigorous security audits to guarantee the highest level of protection for your data.

Glossary of Terms

  • TRACE4EU : Traceability Reference Architecture Conformant EBSI for the European Union ; 
  • Verifiable Credential (VC) : A tamper-proof digital certificate carrying verifiable information about a person, product, or document ; 
  • Decentralized Identity (DID) : A self-owned and managed digital identity, independent of centralized authorities ; 
  • European Blockchain Services Infrastructure (EBSI) : An EU initiative leveraging blockchain and Verifiable Credentials to build trust in European digital interactions ; 
  • EU Digital Identity (EUDI) Wallet : A secure and convenient way for European citizens and businesses to manage their digital identities and verifiable credentials. 
EBSI and the European Commission
EBSI and the European Commission

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