SSI Credential Verifications in Real Life: How Talao and Werify are changing the game

updated on 10 April 2024
Talao partners with Werify
Talao partners with Werify

Talao, Europe's leading provider of digital identity wallets and solutions since 2017, is excited to announce its latest partnership with Werify. This collaboration focuses on developing frictionless digital credential verification use cases using DID/SSI (Self-Sovereign Identity), a technology enabling individuals to control their own digital identities. Werify is revolutionizing the verification process by transforming devices into instant and secure verification points. 

A new solution for real-world credential verification 🪪

This innovative partnership combines the capabilities of Talao's and Altme's DID wallets with Werify's verification technology. Users of Talao or Altme, equipped with their verified credentials, can now seamlessly prove anything about themselves in real-world scenarios.

The process is straightforward and involves 3 simple steps :

Step 1 : An organization seeking verified information about an individual for a business process can define the verification rule using Werify's no-code designer. This generates a QR code, which can be displayed on a smartphone, laptop, or tablet, acting as an unattended kiosk.

Step 2 : The user scans the QR code using their Talao or Altme mobile wallet and shares the requested verifiable credentials, such as proof of age, ID, or membership.

Step 3 : The organization instantly receives confirmation regarding the success of the verification. If defined by the Werify rule, it also receives the captured data or required information on its device for the business process.

This streamlined solution opens up a wide range of real-life use cases around DID/SSI.

SSI real-world use cases unlocked ✅

  • Event access control and ticketing : This technology can revolutionize ticketing for events like concerts, sports matches, and conferences. By integrating DID/SSI with ticketing systems, attendees can instantly prove their ticket ownership and identity simultaneously, ensuring a swift, secure entry process. This not only enhances security but also significantly reduces the chance of ticket fraud.

  • Age verification in public spaces : Verifying age becomes more straightforward and non-intrusive in age-restricted venues like casinos, bars, and clubs. The process respects users' privacy while ensuring compliance with legal age requirements.

  • Customers instant registration : Speed and easy onboarding process just by defining the set of attributes to be verified and captured, after being consciously shared by the holder in compliance with GDPR.

  • Verifiable Credential (VC) for 2AF Application login : Easy logging integration for your applications presenting the requested VC from Altme/Talao wallet. Define the set of attestations, from a simple email VC to a set of several ones including work-ids, roles and avatars. It performs 2AF Access authorization while avoiding fraudulent account sharing and security breaches.

  • Physical and IoT authentication : Define the rules on Werify (attributes and external additional parameters, for instance, working hours) and display the request on unattended kiosks and let holders use Altme wallet as a key.

Forward together 🤝

By integrating our wallets with Werify's verification technology, we are enhancing our service offerings and paving the way for more efficient and user-friendly verification processes in the real world. Stay tuned for more updates and visit our websites for more information on Talao and Altme Wallet.

👉 For a closer look at how this technology can benefit your use case, we invite you to request a demo

About Talao: 1st Digital Identity Wallet Provider in Europe

Since 2017, Talao has been at the forefront of digital identity, offering DID/SSI wallets focused on security, privacy, and user-centricity. Our expertise in decentralized identity and verifiable credentials is evident in our diverse use cases, ranging from identity (KYC) and age verification to proof of humanity (liveness) and decentralized finance compliance (DeFi). With over 50,000 verifiable credentials issued and a significant presence in ambitious European projects, Talao continues to push the boundaries in the digital identity wallet space.

About Werify: Revolutionizing Digital Credential Verification with SSI

At the forefront of digital credential verification, Werify leverages Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) to transform how credentials are verified in the real world. By enabling devices to become instant and secure verification points, Werify simplifies and secures the verification process. This approach transcends technology, empowering individuals and organizations to seamlessly integrate SSI credentials into their everyday processes.

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