Make DIDs and VCs interoperable across ecosystems with Talao and Danube Tech

updated on 24 April 2024
Talao-Danube Tech Partnership
Talao-Danube Tech Partnership

Today, we're excited to announce our partnership with Danube Tech, a pioneer in bridging decentralized identity networks! Together, we're tackling a major hurdle in the SSI space : interoperability.

The challenge: a fragmented identity landscape

Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) has the power to transform online interactions. From verifying a user's identity (KYC), age or membership, to confirming the legal and compliance status of a company (KYB) or verifying products authenticity in the supply chain... SSI can unlock a future where everything requiring online verification is streamlined and secure. 

However, the current landscape is fragmented, with different standards, networks and technologies creating data silos.

Building interoperable SSI projects

Through this collaboration, we're integrating Danube Tech's Godiddy suite of APIs into our Wallet as a Service (WaaS) platform. This will empower our clients with an all-in-one tool to :

Build branded SSI wallets : Craft your own mobile SSI wallet for your users with your branding, logo, UX.

➤ Leverage any SSI ecosystem : Support different DID methods and VC formats to make your wallet compatible with various ecosystems (EBSI, Gaia-X) and use cases (EUDI Wallet, OIDC4VC profile, DIIP...)

➤ Manage DIDs across networks : Access a user-friendly interface to create, update, verify, and deactivate all DIDs in one place, without worrying about the underlying infrastructure (Cheqd, Ebsi, Ion, Ethr, Indy...)

➤ Make Verifiable Credentials portable : Use all credential formats seamlessly and stop worrying about the ecosystem's origin of VCs' issuance. Through this partnership, we are making sure credentials issued in one ecosystem can be verified in another, eliminating data silos.

➤ Display your own VC issuers : Add your own Verifiable Credentials issuers in your wallet and / or leverage our built-in 20+ issuers already available to verify users identity, age, authorization, membership and much more ! 

➤ Sign documents with DIDs : Empower authorized employees to securely sign documents and files on your enterprise's behalf.

➤ Track changes in DIDs and gain valuable insights : Search for specific DIDs, analyze trends, track changes over time, and get notified about important updates.

👉 If you want to discover more about Talao's Wallet as a Service technology stack, we invite you to read this blog post. Our technology choices are driven by a commitment to security, user-centricity and interoperability, all while adhering to open standards and open-source principles to maintain transparency and trust.

Benefits for enterprises

By simplifying SSI wallet development and bridging siloed digital identity ecosystems, our partnership with Danube Tech provides a comprehensive infrastructure for organizations to unlock the true potential of DIDs and VCs, with :

1/ Faster Time-to-Market 🚀 : Skip the lengthy development process of building an interoperable SSI wallet and significantly reduce your time-to-market.

2/ Cost Savings 💰 : Building a custom SSI wallet can be expensive. Benefit from substantial cost savings compared to building one from scratch.

3/ Interoperability 🌐 : Ensure broader use case adoption with interoperability of DIDs and VCs across ecosystems.

4/ Maintenance 🌈 : Make sure your DID wallets and SSI use cases remain up-to-date and future-proof by delegating your wallet maintenance and evolution to a trusted team recognized in the SSI community.

👉 Interested in building your own enterprise DID wallet while maximizing SSI interoperability for your use case 

We build future-proof digital identity wallets since 2017 using open standards such as W3C, OpenID, DIF... Our wallets are open-source, interoperableEBSI-conformant, and undergo regular code audits to ensure top-notch security.

1st SSI wallet provider in Europe
1st SSI wallet provider in Europe

Embrace the future of digital identity and build your own enterprise DID wallet faster by customizing our 2 flagship products, the TALAO and ALTME wallet :

1/ The TALAO wallet is a pure decentralized identity wallet designed for ease of use and verifiable credentials management. You can discover and download TALAO here :

The Talao Wallet
The Talao Wallet

2/ The ALTME Wallet is a non-custodial Web3 wallet that lets you manage your digital identity (DIDs + Verifiable Credentials) and digital assets (Coins, NFTs…) on multiple blockchains. You can discover and download ALTME here :

The Altme Wallet
The Altme Wallet

Our choice of technology stack and partners demonstrates our commitment to providing state-of-the-art digital identity wallets. And by partnering with Danube Tech, we are taking our offering to the next level, providing enterprises with an even more comprehensive suite of tools and services for building interoperable SSI use cases. Unlock the universal power of DIDs and VCs with Talao and Danube Tech :
Reach out to us 👋

NB : If you are a developer, we invite you to discover the Developer Mode in TALAO and Altme wallets. This new mode empowers developers with insights into the wallets' mechanics, and allow SSI applications builders to tailor their solutions to their specific needs while rigorously testing their applications with the most recent standards : Read more about the Developer Mode here.

Developer mode
Developer mode

About Danube Tech GmbH

Founded in 2015, Danube Tech GmbH ( has been at the forefront of Self-Sovereign Identity technology since its inception. Danube Tech’s products provide universal SSI interoperability for its partners and customers. As an active member in the standards community, Danube Tech is committed to delivering interoperable solutions across the globe.

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