Take Control of your Digital Identity, today.

The TALAO Wallet is a Digital ID wallet that stores tamper-proof credentials and lets you prove who you are, seamlessly.

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Built on Decentralized Identity 🪪

Talao is open-source and built on open standards

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Download TALAO

Take control of your digital ID today by collecting Verifiable Credentials only you control. It's 100% free.

Get Verified Identity Data in your Pocket

TALAO gives you the ability to request, collect, and share easy-to-verify digital credentials that only you control. Examples 👇

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  • Use your data safely big
    Own Your Data

    TALAO gives you full control over your data, keeping it safe from unauthorized access.

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    Prove anything Instantly

    Verifiable Credentials are tamper-proof and can be verified instantly.

  • Use your data property big
    Protect your privacy

    Easily control and revoke your data permissions anytime. 

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Why choose TALAO 🥇

The Talao wallet is open-source, secure, EBSI-V3 conformant, interoperable, and compliant. 

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    Security Audit
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    EBSI Conformant
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    GDPR compliant

Interested in learning more about the Talao Wallet ? Request a demo.

Talao is in the news 📣

Usine digital

Orange, Atos, Suez, and La Poste launch the Blockchain France Alliance 🇫🇷

Several major French industrial companies, universities, and blockchain sector startups have come together in a consortium to advance a blockchain infrastructure project...

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Talao announces its compliance with the European identity standard promoted by EBSI 🇪🇺

Altme, a pioneer and leader in decentralized identity solutions, has just announced its compliance with the European Blockchain Services Infrastructure (EBSI)

Altme wallet polygon id credential zero knowledge proof

Talao and PolygonID make Zero knowledge credentials available to all 🪪

Today, we are extremely happy to announce our collaboration with PolygonID to empower Polygon users with full control over their digital identities...


Talao, the new Self-Sovereign Identity wallet, gives consumers total control over their data 🔐

Today, Talao, a blockchain-based Digital Identity specialist, and the developer of the first French smartphone wallet for Self-Sovereign Identity ...

Siecle digital

Twenty companies and universities are forming the Blockchain France Alliance 🤝

Thanks to the Blockchain France Alliance, our country will be able, like its European counterparts, to have a blockchain network supported by major industrial players, academics, and startups...


Leading French companies launch the Blockchain France Alliance 🇫🇷

A new alliance is born! Several major French industrial groups, universities, companies, and startups, all involved in the blockchain sector to varying degrees...

Our ecosystem of partners 🤝

We are working with awesome partners to build the future of Decentralized ID (DID)

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I request a demo to see the TALAO wallet in action?

    Absolutely. Reach out to us to schedule a demo, and we'll provide you with an in-depth look at how our Talao wallet works.

  • What SSI / DID tech do you support ?

    • VC/VP format json-ld,  jwt and json-ld zkp
    • Protocol OIDC4VCI : pre authorized code flow, user pin, authorization code flow, deferred endpoint
    • Protocol OIDC4VP, SIOPV2 last draft, presentation definition, presentation submission
    • Support of did:key, did;web, did,ion, did:hedera, did:tz, did:pkh, did:ebsi, did:polygonid
    • OIDC4VC profile : EBSI-V3, GAIA-X,...
    • PolygonId Iden3 protocol
    • DIF Presentation Exchange v 2.0
  • How do I know if your wallet is the right fit for my project?

    Our team of experts is here to assist you in assessing your project's requirements and goals. Contact us, and we'll guide you through how our solutions can align with your needs.

  • Can I customize the user experience within the wallet?

    Of course ! Our wallets support customizable workflows. You can tailor the user journey to match your unique vision and enhance user satisfaction and engagement.

Download TALAO

Embrace the future of digital identity, today.