Build Self-Sovereign solutions for your business

Thanks to the Talao Self-Sovereign Identity Platform, European companies and citizens can build a new future where their data and digital identities stay safe and owned by themselves.

Available today on any smartphone.

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Rise of Web3 brings new Identity challenges

Web3 is a decentralized and fair internet where individuals and companies fully own and control their identity, data and digital assets. Web3 gives businesses a huge opportunity to offer new services, but at the same time it deprives them of information about their customers. The main challenge for companies is now to invent new ways to engage with their customers.

Give your customers and citizens their passport for the decentralized world

Talao provides protocols, wallets and innovative tools to allow businesses to offer customers services based on their identity, their data and their digital assets.

Download Talao SSI Wallet for any smartphone!

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Our Partners

Talao is an active member of a dynamic ecosystem building the future of digital identities.

Who uses Talao's solutions?

Companies managing customers data

Companies proposing loyalty cards, coupons, vouchers and other membership cards need way to identify their customers in Web3 Apps. Talao's SSI solution allows brands to have access to customers’ information without compromising on users’ data security and sovereignty.

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Government & public administrations

The introduction of self-sovereign identity (SSI) for e-government systems can strengthen the privacy of the citizens while enabling identification also for the weakest. ID Cards, Resident Cards, Diploma, Travel credentials, health insurance card... Many use cases to ease citizen's life are possible with Talao's SSI solutions.

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Self Sovereign Identity for legal entities

Companies whose purpose is to implement use-cases with verifiable credentials, for example have their commercial references or legal documents certified, or secure access to external services. Talao'solutions enable to manage signature delegations.

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Why choosing Talao Self-Sovereign Identity Platform?

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    Make and run your web and portable applications' backends with ease and quick speed.

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    Accelerated go-to-market

    You can deploy your own SSI solution in less than 4 weeks thanks to unique Talao's features for fast deployment.

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    European Standard Based

    Talao solutions are powered by standards retained or defined by the W3C, the DIF and EU EBSI.

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    The whole platform is built to respect privacy and enables brands to have access to customers’ information without compromising users’ data security and sovereignty.

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    Talao has more than 4 years of experience in decentralized technology. benefit from this unique experience to take full advantage of SSI for your business.

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    Open Source

    Talao's solution is based on a full open-source wallet you can use to built on your own solution.

Interested in deploying Self-Sovereign Digital Identities for your business or citizen?